The Flower Of Life pattern is a pattern containing 19 super imposed circles surrounded by 2 outer lines or circles keeping it all into place. If you have noticed these overlapping circles create a flower pattern consisting of 6 petals which will explain the 6 days of creation in just a moment .​To explain the flower of life and all geometries in between i will have to explain how creation begins. Now you may recognize this symbol and you may recognize the word spirit. In ancient egypt this symbol ('eye                                 of horus') represents spirit. Most people think of spirit as another part of our                                   selves but in reality spirit is in everything and is everywhere at all times.                                        Now in the beginning of creation there was just void, a state of nothingness and                              complete emptiness as the Buddhists like to say. In a void there is nothing to move off of or move to, so basically there is no moving at all in a void. So in the beginning there was just spirit in this void but had to make something to move off from, so it made the most natural and useful shape in existence, the circle. So spirit makes a circle around its self and from that center moves to the top edge of the circle and makes another circle around its self and forms what is called a Vesica Piscis.                                    Vesica Piscis literally meaning 'fish bladder'. This is what was meant in the                                      book of Gensis 1:3, "Let there be light" on the first day of creation. As                                      you might notice the pattern resembles the shape of an eye.  So on the                                           next 5 days spirit goes in a full circle to make what is known as the seed of                                        life. This is how life was made in a span of six days.

​On the second day a pattern forms called Triquetra/ Tripod of Life/ Borromean rings. This pattern is found in Celtic and Germanic paganism and also wica. It also represents in Christian belief, The father, son and the holy spirit trinity. 
​​One​ amazing thing is that this pattern called the seed of life is actually the same pattern as the actual egg that multiplies from 1 cell that has made almost every single species of animal on this planet.
On the sixth day forms what is known as the seed of life, which is the basic                             component of the flower of life pattern.​ It is known as the seed because it is the                      starting point of all of creation. Once the seed is planted life's creation begins. 

After the seed comes the Fruit of life. The fruit of life is said to be the blue print of the universe,
while human beings are the measuring stick for the universe but that will be talked about at a later time. ​​​​​​​So the fruit is this design of these main circles over the flower of life pattern.
And when you connect each and every circle with a line to all other
possible circles you get this wonderful pattern which is derived from
the fruit of life​ ​called Metatron's Cube.
​​                                Metatron's cube contains 2 start tetrahedons                                                                                           (star ​of David) and all shapes in existence.This                                                                                        one pattern contains all 5 of these shapes                                                                                                called the platonic solids.
                                                                                                    Each shape represents the 5 different                                                                                                       elements. The cube is earth, the                                                                                                                 tetrahedron is fire, the icosahedron is                                                                                                         water, the octahedron is air and the                                                                                                           dodecahedron is ether or life force.And                                                                                                     these shapes are found all through out                                                                                                     nature. 
The Flower of Life pattern is found through out history and through out the whole world. It is found in Japan , China, Ireland, Egypt, Crop circles
The Flower of Life- The flower of life pattern is an ancient design used by many cultures for the understanding of life itself. Its geometries along with Metatron's cube contain all shapes in existence. 

            The 5 shapes found in Metaton's Cube​​, or 6 if you include the single tetrahedron.

​​ The The Tree of Life is one of the most ancient and teachings of the awareness of Universal life force or pranic energies and the light body. Together with the Seed of Life it is part of the geometry that parallels the cycle of the fruit tree. When these two forms are superimposed upon each other that relationship becomes present. The Tree of Life is recognized in the ancient teachings of the Kabalah, the ancient system of mystical Judaism. It is also found in Christianity, Hermeticism, and paganism.                                                                                    Tree of Life

The tree of life serves as a metaphor for the common decent of
evolution. The tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the                                             underworld, and the tree of life, connecting all forms of creation,                                                         are both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree, according to the                                               Encyclopedia Britannica, and are portrayed in various religions                                                     and philosophies as the same tree.​​​