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OM in the now
Hello First i would like to say Om in the now is a website that i will be making to share with you information and techniques for meditation and life.It is time the world awakes to a higher consciousness and i want this website to help that happen. There is more to life then the way we live today and our potentials are endless, but right now humanity is using the gift of life in the wrong way. No more hate, envy, greed, and ignorance. It is time to move from our minds to our hearts and resonate to the same frequency of this beautiful planet we inhabit. 
​​​Secondly i'd like to explain the name of my website. Om being the natural sound of our solar system and used in many religions from buddhism to hinduism , it is also considered a chant or mantra but is most commonly known as the eternal sound of the universe.  
Om is pronounced in three separate parts or phonemes  A​ -(vaishvanara- Vishva being 'universe' and narah being 'man') U- (Hiranyagarbha meaning 'golden egg' and is the source of the creation of the universe.) M -(Ishvara being lord or god). In the end it is pronounced as AUM

You may recognize the Hindu symbol of OM .                                  Or the tibetan buddhist way or portraying Om or Aum​​​​                                   

But There are many other ways of
​writing this sacred sound.​​​

So ​​​​​as om being this sacred sound recognized by many different religions you may begin to understand why i have said "Om in the now".
This being because the now or present moment is also very important in a humans everyday to day life. Although a majority of humanity has lost touch with this gift we are given called the present. In this day some people try to find peace in every little external thing and in return forget their sense of self, and i mean their real sense of self not their race their occupation or their name but their actual being.
Buddhists also have a way of being in the now called being mindful. It is incredibly simple yet very hard to grasp for many people because we are constantly thinking of the next thing to do or have or the things in the past that we dwell on or cant let go of.
This is why it is so important to connect the Natural Om or Aum of the universe with the presence of our selves at all time, by being mindful you no longer are taken over by your obsessive thoughts. You simply just allow things to happen and accept things for the way they are and be fully conscious in the one thing you are doing in that very moment. This is why meditation is so important. Some think meditation is just sitting but in some ways it is, I my self have thought way to much into meditation and just got frustrated and stopped but i am starting to see how meditation is just a time to be fully conscious and fully concentrated on being. If thoughts come you just observe them from a higher part of your self and allow them to go, don't analyze them because you will see how lost the mind can get. 

I have struggled with anxiety but since i started meditating and letting go of mind chatter and nonsense thoughts it has become easier to just think in the now and let go of negative thought patterns.​​ This is why meditation is so useful because it doesn't end after you get up off your seat, you are supposed to bring your practice into your every day life so that you can function as the most genuinely kind and fearless person like the great masters Gandi, Siddhartha, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr, Maitreya, Saint Germain, Confucius, Lord Lanto and many others.