Meditation is a process or practice of taming the mind. You sit on the floor or a chair or even lay down, although it is easier to fall asleep that way and meditation is not sleep. ​ Meditation is also not supposed to be just thinking. Someone meditating for 5 minutes completely aware of their mind body soul will gain more then someone meditating in thought for an hour. But it is all practice and you have to start somewhere so don't give up because you can't stop thinking.
You can begin by sitting with stillness and   emptiness. Your straighten your spine            close your eyes or allow them to                  remain slightly opened to stay fully                   awake. You can put your tongue to              the roof of your mouth so that you                  can go with out swallowing. You                  can also look inward to focus and                stimulate your third eye or pituitary                gland. Begin to let go , let go of                    your day your worries your                            excitements and just be in the                        present moment. If you feel                             frustrated and have the urge to                       move either try to find the inner                      tension and get to the root of                           it by understanding that                                  this is all we are given as                                 humans the power to just                                  be, all the other problems                                       worries fears are all                                                just made by the                                                  mind through                                                     endless                                                             thought.

But if you feel really tense and need to move you can slowly open your eyes and move around in place. Another thing you can do is practice basic tai chi exercises or just find a way you like to move to relax your self and get back to stillness.

While you meditate you can also try different breathing techniques.It is important first to breath with your abdomen and if you take deep breaths to slowly expand the abdomen then slowly up wards toward your chest in a fluent motion.
​​​​​               Breathing Techniques
    _In through the nose , filling your abdomen up to your chest with air slowly while counting to 7 . Hold for just a moment then exhale through the mouth for 7 seconds. Then hold for another moment.
_Breath in through your nose ,out through your nose. Out through your nose out thought your mouth. Out though your mouth out  and then out through your mouth again.Then breath out through your mouth then out through your nose.​
​​-In through your mouth 4 seconds hold 5 seconds, out through your mouth 4 - 6 seconds.( You can make any one that fits you best)
​-Breath in while saying in your mind so and out while saying hum. (It means i am, or i am that , i myself  or he, is i. Spelt 'soham).
     Mudras and Mantras
                     ​ This is a mudra for                               complete balance.                            
                      Ksepana​​​-Sprinkling the                       nectar immortality. Also                       for the third eye.

                      ​Vitarka-Sign of the                             wheel of law​. Intellectual                       disscussion.

                      Karana-Gesture to                               expel demons.​​​

                      Uttarabodhi-Placed                             above the head and  is                           known as the gesture of                       enlightenment.

                      Jnana​​- Held at the                               chest .Gesture of                                   teaching and also                                   knownfrom the wheel                            of law.
Om Mani Padme Hum- sanskrit​

​Om mani peme hum- tibetan
Soham -So hum  
Fa Ra On